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Whats in name?

Today I wish to share a story from one of my previous organization. Since some of my colleagues still work there, I’m not putting any names to protect their identity.

If you have worked with westerners then you must have noticed they face difficulties in pronouncing Indian names as is the case with us sometimes. So often we are asked to come up with shorter names, whilst many may take this sportingly there are few who insist that there name is correctly addressed.

One of my team member was caught off guard once when he misspelled the name of senior director in an email he had sent to the director for his approval.

The director was offended seeing his name being incorrectly mentioned nonetheless he still replied,

Approved, once you learn my correct name.

Post that experience, I have always ensured that I write correct name in all my communication. We can write addendum but can’t afford to offend people, can we?

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