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Engineers Institute of India

With the central PSU’s recruiting young engineers through competitive GATE examination whose score was used solely for admission to higher engineering courses till a few years ago, there has been a spurt of coaching institutes that have mushroomed all across country.

While some of these institutes are indeed excellent, there are many which are run solely by ‘fooling’ prospective students. One such institute that is flatly running on such fake claims is ‘Engineers Institute of India’.

My wife had joined their Noida brach for GATE weekday coaching last year after the institute claimed to have produced numerous GATE & IES toppers. They claimed to have IES qualified faculties onto their rolls. The institute also offered fees to be paid in EMI.

When the classes started, it was found that the most of the faculty members are MTech students who were quite incompetent in resolving students queries. Most of the topics were skipped during classes and teaching was limited to only formulas, sometimes to just mere dictations.

One of the student who was BTech from IT-BHU was being taught by his own classmate – a BTech student!!!

The fee collection dates were proponed with the institute literally harassing the students by frequent calls or institute in charge – Sachin, calling student in middle of class. The receptionist would vehemently apologise stating she mentioned next EMI date by mistake and it would cost her job if money is not paid ‘in time’.

He would of claim that the faculty is IES qualified which was at times denied by them in class.

Sachin was only interested in getting new students admitted by making false claims and never paid any heed to students concerns or complaints. He would often announce holidays much against wishes of students & faculties as a result of which several topics & few important subjects could not be covered for the exam.

Few subjects were not started by him as he could not find ‘good faculty’ while as per existing faculty members there were enough teachers but he was unwilling to hire them. After the GATE exam he promised to organise the classes for pending subjects and call students when the classes starts, 7 months have passed the classes are yet to start.

He even cheated faculty members, I was told that if a faculty member is to be paid Rs.15900/- then he’ll just transfer only Rs.15000/- siphoning off Rs.900/-.

An email that I sent to the Institute head office has never been responded.

Please beware of this institute, it only track record is in cheating students and their wards of their hard earned money.

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