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The1947 Partition

The year 1947 marked the end of British Raj in Imperial India that led to birth of two independent nations India and Pakistan. For the nascent nations partition came at huge cost. Whilst the corpus, army, police, libraries, etc was being divided, the exodus of people began to move towards the nation of their choice.

As new state of Pakistan was formed on the religious basis, the movement created ill will and riots began. People across religions who had lived peacefully for ages now became foes. It is believed that over a million lives were lost due to partition and many millions more were displaced from their ancestral homes as Muslims migrated to Pakistan while Sikhs, Hindus and others migrated to India, making it one of the largest mass displacements in history. During the ordeal, over 100,000 women were abducted, raped and countless children orphaned. The bodies of women were mutilated – breasts gouged out, bamboos inserted into their vagina’s. The trains that ferried people to new nations often arrived without a single soul alive, all naked.

Major Jagjit Singh was a 21 year old resident of Amritsar during partition. He witnessed the train massacres and deterioration of law and order in the months leading up to partition. Watch this video by 1947PartitionArchive.org where he narrates and recounts those scenes.

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