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The Italian Bone

Italy seems to be bone of contention for Indian govt; be it Quattrochi, Agusta Westland or the marines fiasco.

Arun Jaitley, the Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha yesterday rightly recalled Ian Fleming’s words from the James Bond movie:

If it happens once, it could be chance; if it happens twice it could be coincidence; but if it happens for the third time it is an enemy act.

Apparently the beleaguered government didn’t knew how to react. The LOP advised government to: “Deal with the Roman as the Romans would deal with you”.

The PM meek response “if they do not keep their word there will be consequences for our relations with Italy” could not break the ice in parliament. It was the UPA govt which ignored all please of govt of Kerala that had reservations in allowing the marines to go on leaves as fishermen killing is an hotly debated issue there.

Jaitley termed the marines escape as “first case of state-sponsored deception or abduction” whilst Sitaram Yechury of CPI(M) called it “state-sponsored violation of Indian law”.

As per Firstpost report though no one made any direct reference to Congress President’s Italian origins but opposition members crafty made repeated oblique references to an “Italian connection”, a ‘4th pain’ for them.

A parliamentarian rightly pointed that out of 1000+ foreigners languishing in Indian prison’s why special treatment is being meted to Italians.

This has now become a diplomatic row with Supreme Court banning the Italian envoy from leaving India, Harish Salve quitting as marines lawyer, India downgrading its ties with Itlay and India alerting all airports to prevent the Italian envoy from leaving country.

All this could have been easily avoided had India not allowed the marines to go on leave as part of its goodwill gesture. Italy must not forget that India secured release of its nationals who were abducted by Maoist in Odisha and should duteously send the marines back for trail.

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