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Haryana’s Khap, Panchayat and Women

A Panchayat in Haryana’s Jind today issued a diktat of banning girls from participating in cultural programmes at school. Ironically the ‘civilized’ lot see them as vulgar and inviting sexual crimes against women.

As per an article posted on Zee News, Raja Ram a ‘Sarpanch’ of Kinana village panchayat said “Dances and songs in these cultural programmes have encouraged vulgarity among students. Therefore, ban on such programmes is a necessity”.

This doesn’t comes as surprise to me as Khap panchayat have been notorious in taking absurd decisions. From issuing diktats against same ‘gotra’ marriage, to opposing death penalty for rape convicts; from forcing a couple to live as siblingsto banning women from using cell phones – they have issued numerous bizarre orders and rulings that invited wrath of Supreme Court which declared them as illegal.

Whilst courts and media denounced them, they found solace in the political class.

Now watch the below video, a woman dancing on to tunes of popular number from 1992 film Vishwatma. She how she dances with grace and with full expressions; she can easily give run for a money to any leading lady at Bollywood. See how she moves with the ‘Pallu’ on, a real ‘Desi Girl’ or ‘Desi Bahu’ should I say.

Do you find anything vulgar here? Do you?

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