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Should Delhi gang rape accused be given a chance to reform?

Rahul Bose recently advocated that Delhi gang rape accused be given a chance to reform.

To me this is an insane idea and it might be abhorrent to many because it would not be justice for victim if the criminals are let off so easily. If we start letting off criminals on pretext of reform it would not only be injustice to victims but would also demoralize the forces. We must not forget the terrorists Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh and Maulana Masood Azhar who were released as bait for Indian nationals who were hijacked in Indian Airlines Flight IC 814 did not reform instead turned up against the Indian state with full vigor. That event had definitely demoralized the Indian security forces which had lost and still continue to lose many brave sons of mother India.

One may very well argue that those terrorists were not released for reform but what is the guarantee that a criminal who promises to reform would not conduct such ghastly acts again? Also if he/she does reforms what justice we are providing to the victim who has been traumatized for life or has lost his/her life? Should Gopal Kanda, Manu Sharma or people of their ilk be given a chance reform even after destroying the life of others? Shouldn’t Kasab or Afzal Guru be given a chance to reform instead of being hanged for pity political gains? How would we be deciding who can be let off for reform and who wouldn’t when the state itself is selectively executing the convicts for petty electoral gains.

I strongly feel that criminals who participate in dastardly and heinousness acts should be pronounced with harshest punishments so that it serve as deterrent to criminals to even think of committing such acts in future.

To those who feel that criminals should be given a chance to reform, Yes given them chance to reform. Abdicate sentences of all terrorists, murderers, rapists and give them a chance to reform. Do not kill the killer, abolish the legal setup, give all criminals a chance to reform.

What an stupid idea from a $tup!d and in$@ne person. Sorry Mr Bose, give me a chance to reform.

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