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Sheila Dikshit, Delhi Police and crime against women

Sheila Dikshit recently again criticized Delhi Police with center not taking any note of it again, understandably this is election year. Here is my take on this:

Sheila Dikshit (and son Sandeep) is one politician who has penchant for making absurd, stupid and insipid arguments which are often abhorrent. Though this argument is valid for PM and HM also; they all have feet of clay.

While they claim to understand pain of ladies as they are father to 3 daughters (albeit Sheila is also mother to a girl apart from her East Delhi MP son) but they have not taken any measure to ensure safety of women in National Capital.

Delhi CM’s only agenda is to criticize Delhi Police which reports to Shinde, her fellow party man and a former cop himself. Shouldn’t her superlatives be directed towards HM for ‘his’ failure to check crime against women.

Ironically while she vehemently criticizes the Delhi Police in Media but in background she recommends parole of a rapist which police is opposed to. Check this tweet by noted civil activist and former top cop Kiran Bedi:

Double speak!!! Some people never learn for they believe learning to be a continuous process.

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