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I am she

I had just started my career in 2005 and the first project I was assigned was for a leading investment bank.

I was supposed to be only ‘resource’ working in this support project after a brief transition period. Few months into the project, I was on my own; my work was to perform tasks allocated by client who was sitting 12 hrs and many thousand miles away in New York.

In 2005, I was still a novice learner and lacked tactical writing skills that I now possess. Every morning the first task I would do was to check my emails and  prioritize work. I would then work on prioritized tasks and send status email to the client at COP.

One fine morning I received an email from one Jamie asking me to do some urgent work which I diligently did. However days later the client manager asked me why that particular task had been performed?

I replied something like below:


I had received an email from Jamie to perform this activity urgently and the task was performed upon your approval. Please find email communication attached on same. I’m also copying Jamie to this email and he can provide more details on this.


Next morning I had a one liner from Jamie -> I’m she.

Having being caught off guard by her I promptly apologized for my unintentional faux pas. She graciously replied saying that she also often confuses in Indian names and I shouldn’t be worried about it.

Since then I make sure that I carry enough due diligence so that other person is not hurt – once bitten twice shy.

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  1. Pratik
    January 22, 2013 at 23:14

    Ha ha… Good one… I hope Jamie is reading this 😛

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